If there are 50 channels in a cell to handle all the calls and the average call holding time is 100s/call, how many calls per hour can be handled in this cell with a blocking probability of 2%?

For number of channels = 50 and Pb = 2% Traffic intensity in Erlangs is 40.3.

Subject : Mobile Communication

Topic : Cellular Communication System

Difficulty : Medium

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No. of channels N= $50$

Blocking Probability $P_{b}$ = 2% or 0.02

Offered traffic load $A_{av}$ =40.3 Erlang (from the Erlang table)

Average call holding time per call = $100 \ s$

H = $\frac{100}{3600}$=$0.0278 \ hours$

We know that traffic load $A_{av}$ = $\lambda * H $

or Average call request rate $\lambda$ = $\frac{A_{av}}{H}$

= $\frac{40.3}{0.0278}$

= 1450 calls/hour

Therefore, 1450 calls/hour can be handled in the cell with the given data

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