Compare GSM and GPRS technologies.
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GSM is standard bearer of 2G technologies. GPRS is he upgrade over the basic GSM features. It allow the mobile handset to obtain much higher data speed than what standard GSM can offers.
In GSM, traffic and signaling follow different multi-frame structure. i.e. 51 frame MF used for signaling and 26 frame MF used for traffic. In GPRS, traffic and signaling both follow common multi-frame structure. i.e. 52 frame MF used for both signaling as well as traffic.
GSM used circuit switching traffic. GPRS used for packet switching traffic.
In GSM, UE will be in two states i.e IDLE and READY. In GPRS, UE will be in three states i.e IDLE, READY and STANDBY.
In GSM, time slot is allocated both in uplink and downlink. due to these radio resource allocation is GSM is called as Symmetric. In GPRS, radio resource allocation is asymmetric. For example it is possible to allocate the time slot only in downlink not in uplink when user is only downloading the file.
In GSM, location area concept is used. In GPRS, routing area concept is used.
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