Explain the need for 3G cellular networks.

Subject : Mobile Communication

Topic : 3G Communication System

Difficulty : Medium

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  • The mobile phone has the potential to become a generic platform, or gateway to, the complete range of communication services, which may include voice, data, video, multimedia and internet browsing.
  • There are several areas in which capability enhancements to the present 2G or 2.5G digital cellular networks are needed.
  • There include higher system capacity,high data rate transfer, improved voice quality and better standardization.
  • Therefore next generation cellular network must incorporate the possibility of using much higher data rates when needed.
  • On the other hand, there is no need to use higher data rates for normal telephone quality voice communication.
  • There is lack of standardization in the 2G cellular network.Moreover backward compatibility is still required with analog AMPS system if a mobile phone is to be used in rural area.
  • It would be certainly useful to have one worldwide standard for the 3rd generation cellular technology.
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