Compare of WCDMA and CDMA 2000.
1 Answer
Parameter WCDMA CDMA 2000
Carrier spacing: spacing between CDMA operators to obtain channel protection 5MHz 3.75MHz
Chip rate: no. of DSSS pulses per/second 4.096MHz 3.68MHz
Spreading Factor:,SF=chip rate/ data rate Higher Lower
Power Control Frequency 1500Hz 800Hz
Frame Duration 10ms 20ms,(also uses 5,30,40ms)
Base Stations Asynchronous synchronous
Forward link pilot: Channel modulated only by PNC (Pseudo Noise Spreading codes) TDM dedicated pilot CDM common pilot
Antenna Beam Forming TDM, Dedicated port Auxiliary port
Bandwidth 5MHz 1.25MHz
User Separation CDM/TDM,(shared channel) CDM, TDM,(scheduler)
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