Define micro motion study. What are therbligs? When it is used? List therbligs symbols, colour description, name and code.
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Micro motion study is used for graphical presentation of many repetitive operations of short cycle like component assembly, packaging, inspection, separation of mixed jobs, which involve quick movements of hand. In certain types of operation like pick and place objects, detailed study of suck operations can be carried out.


Therbligs primarily refer to motion of human body at the workplace and to the mental activities associated with it. They permit much more precise and detailed description of the work than any other recording techniques.

Therbligs were suggested by Frank B. Gilberth the founder of motion study who differentiated 17 fundamental hand or hand and eye motions to which an eighteenth has been added.

Each therblig has a specific color, symbol and letter for recording purposes.

Therbligs are used for the following:

  1. In studying the activities of two or more persons on a group work.
  2. In studying the relationship of the activities of the operator and the machine as a means of timing operations.
  3. In obtaining motion time data for time standards.
  4. Acts as a permanent record of the method and time of activities of the operator and the machine.

Some of the important Therbligs are given below:

enter image description here

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