Question: Distinguish between anodic protection and cathodic protection.

Subject : Applied Chemistry 2

Topic : Corrosion

Difficulty : Medium

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Cathodic protection Anodic protection
The basic principle is to force metal to be protected to behave like cathode The basic principle is to increase passivity of base metal by applying currentin the direction in which metal would become more anodic
The cathodic protection involves reverse the flow of current between two dissimilar electrode The anodic protection involves suppression of anodic reaction by adjusting potential of the more reactive metal
The cathodic protection can be achieved by sacrificial method and impressed current method There are no different methods for anodic protection
It protect long length structure for long duration It can protect complicated structures
It is not very costly The initial cost is high ,though operating cost is low
It can provide steady, consistent protection for long term It may not provide steady protection. If it go out of control , the rate of corrosion increase suddenly
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