Question: What factors shall be considered while selecting resource requirements?

Subject: Software Testing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

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  1. Machine configuration (RAM, processor, disk, and so on) needed to run the product under test.
  2. Overheads required by the test automation tool, if any
  3. Supporting tools such as compilers , test data generators configuration management tools, and so on
  4. The different configurations of the supporting software (for example, OS) that must be present
  5. Special requirements for running machine- intensive tests such as load tests and performance tests
  6. Appropriate number of license of all the software


Factors to be considered while selecting the resource requirements are :

  • People:

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ How many people are required?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ How much experience they should posses?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ What kind of experience is needed?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ What should they be expertise in?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ Should they be full-time, part-time, contract, students?

  • Equipment:

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ How many Computers are required?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ What configuration computers will be required?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ What kind of test hardware is needed?

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ Any other devices like printers, tools etc.

  • Office and lab space:

$\hspace{1.5cm}$ Where will they be located?

  • Software: Word processors, databases, custom tools. What will be purchased, what needs to be written?

  • Outsource companies: Will they be used? What criteria will be used for choosing them? How much will they cost?

  • Miscellaneous supplies: Disks, phones, reference books, training material. What else might be necessary over the course of the project? The specific resource requirements are very project-, team-, and company-dependent, so the test plan effort will need to carefully evaluate what will be needed to test the software.

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