Question: Write the entity, purpose and attributes of following elements of test infrastructure management: (i) A Test Case Database (TCDB) (ii) A Defect Repository

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i). Test case database(TCDB)

Entity Purpose Attributes
Test case Records all the ―static‖ information about the tests Test case ID Test case name (filename) Test case owner Associated files for the test case
Test case- product crossreference Provides a mapping between the tests and the corresponding product features ; enables identification of tests for a given feature Test case ID Modulate ID
Test case run history Gives the history of when a test was run and what was the result; provides inputs on selection of tests for regression runs (see chapter 8) Test case ID Run date Time taken Run status (success/failure)
Test case – Defect crossreference Gives details of test cases introduced to test certain specific defects detected in the product ;provides inputs on the selection of tests for regression runs Test case ID Defect reference# (points to a record in the defect repository)

ii). Defect Repository:

Entity Purpose Attributes
Defect details Records all the ― static‖ information about the tests Defect ID Defect priority /severity Defect description Affected product(s) Any relevant version information (for example, OS version) Customers who encountered the problem (could be reported by the internal testing team also) Date and time of defect occurrence
Defect test details Provides details of test cases for a given defect. Crossreferences the TCDB Defect ID Test case ID
Fix details Provides details of fixes for a given defect; crossreferences the configuration management repository Defect ID Fix details (file changed ,fix release information)
Communication Captures all the details of the communication that transpired for this defect among the various stakeholders these could include communication between the testing team and development team, customer communication, and so on. Provides insights into effectiveness of communication Test case ID Defect reference # Details of communication
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