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Inovi Technologies offers the business perceived hadoop training institute in noida-delhi that joins corporate preparing, classroom preparing successfully to satisfy the instructive requests of the understudies around the world. Big Data Hadoop instructional class in Noida gives top to bottom information on Hadoop Ecosystem devices and Big Data. And we provide many courses it is a thorough Hadoop Big Data instructional class structured by industry specialists considering current industry work necessities to enable you to learn Big Data Hadoop and Spark modules. This is an industry perceived Big Data confirmation instructional class that is a mix of the instructional classes in Hadoop engineer, Hadoop director, Hadoop testing, and examination. Visit here:

Course Content

Introduction to Big Data Hadoop. Understanding HDFS & Mapreduce Presenting Big Data and Hadoop, what is Big Data and where does Hadoop fits in, two essential Hadoop biological community componentsnamely Map Reduce and HDFS, top to bottom Hadoop Distributed File System – Replications, Block Size, Secondary Name hub, High Availability, top to bottom YARN – Resource Manager, Node Manager.

Deep Dive in Mapreduce Taking in the working system of MapReduce, understanding the mapping and lessening stages in MR, the different wordings in MR like Input Format, Output Format, Partitioners, Combiners, Shuffle and Sort

Introduction to Hive Presenting Hadoop Hive, nitty gritty engineering of Hive, contrasting Hive and Pig and RDBMS, working with Hive Query Language, making of database, table, Group by and different conditions, the different kinds of Hive tables, Hcatalog, putting away the Hive Results, Hive apportioning and Buckets.

Advance Hive & Impala The ordering in Hive, the Map side Join in Hive, working with complex information types, the Hive User-characterized Functions, Introduction to Impala, contrasting Hive and Impala, the point by point design of Impala

Introduction to Pig Apache Pig presentation, its different highlights, the different information types and diagram in Hive, the accessible capacities in Pig, Hive Bags, Tuples and Fields.

Flume, Sqoop & HBase Apache Sqoop presentation, review, bringing in and sending out information, execution enhancement with Sqoop, Sqoop confinements, prologue to Flume and understanding the design of Flume, what is HBase and the CAP hypothesis.

Writing Spark Applications using Scala Utilizing Scala for composing Apache Spark applications, nitty gritty investigation of Scala, the requirement for Scala, the idea of article situated programing, executing the Scala code, the different classes in Scala like Getters,Setters, Constructors, Abstract ,Extending Objects, Overriding Methods, the Java and Scala interoperability, the idea of practical programming and mysterious capacities, Bobsrockets bundle, contrasting the alterable and changeless accumulations.

Spark framework Nitty gritty Apache Spark, its different highlights, contrasting and Hadoop, the different Spark parts, consolidating HDFS with Spark, Scalding, prologue to Scala, significance of Scala and RDD.

Hadoop Administration – Multi Node Cluster Setup using Amazon EC2 Make a four hub Hadoop bunch setup, running the MapReduce Jobs on the Hadoop group, effectively running the MapReduce code, working with the Cloudera Manager setup.

Hadoop Administration – Cluster Configuration The review of Hadoop arrangement, the significance of Hadoop design document, the different parameters and estimations of setup, the HDFS parameters and MapReduce parameters, setting up the Hadoop condition, the Include' and Exclude setup records, the organization and upkeep of Name hub, Data hub index structures and documents, What is a File framework picture, understanding Edit log.

Our More Course Are: 1.DevOps

  2.  Data Scientist

  3.  Python

  4. JAVA

  5. AWS

  6. MEAN Stack
7.RPA(Robotic Process Automation)
8. Salesforce
  1. Linux

    1. Hadoop

Mobile No. 8810643463, 9354482334 Phone No. 91-120-4213880 Email- [email protected] Address. F7 Sector-3 Noida UP 201301 India.

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