Page: Syllabus of Mobile Computing

Module 1. Introduction to Mobile Computing [16M]


1.1 Introduction to Mobile Computing- Mobile Computing Functions, Mobile Computing Devices, Mobile Computing Architecture, Evaluation of Wireless Technology.

1.2 Cellular Concepts- Frequency reuse, Channel assignment strategies, Handoff strategies. Interference and system capacity Co-channel Interference, Adjacent channel Interference, Channel planning for wireless system, Power control for reducing Interference.

1.3 Improve coverage and capacity in cellular system- Cell splitting, Sectoring, Repeaters for range extension, A micro cell zone concept.

Module 2.Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) [22M]


2.1 Introduction- GSM services and features, GSM architecture, GSM channel types, Example of GSM Call: GSM to PSTN call, PSTN to GSM call.

2.2 GSM frame structure, Signal processing in GSM, Location tracking and call setup.

Module 3.GSM Mobility Management [18M]


3.1 GSM location update, Mobility database, Failure Restoration: VLR Failure Restoration, HLR Failure Restoration.

3.2 VLR Identification algorithm, VLR overflow control: Algorithm

  1. Registration, Algorithm

  2. Cancellation, Algorithm

  3. Call Origination, Algorithm

  4. Call Termination.

Module 4.General Radio Packet System (GPRS) [16M]


4.1 GPRS Architecture, GPRS Networks Nodes, GPRS Network Operations, Data Services in GPRS, Applications and Limitations of GPRS.

4.2 Introduction to 3G and 4G Technologies-UMTS, CDMA 2000, Any one 4G Technology (Case Study).

Module 5.Mobile Security [16M]


5.1 Information Security- Attacks, Component of Information Security.

5.2 Security Techniques and Algorithms- Streams Ciphering and Block Ciphering, Symmetric Key Cryptography, Public Key Cryptography.

5.3 Security Frame Works for Mobile Environment- 3GPP Security, Mobile VPN, Multifactor Security, Smart Card Security, Mobile virus, Mobile Worm.

Module 6.Mobile Operating System [12M]


6.1 Introduction to Mobile Operating System (Only features) - Windows CE, Symbian OS, Linux for Mobile Devices, Android.

6.2 Android Overview, Android Architecture, Life Cycle of Android Activity.

6.3 Android Tools Installation- JDK1.6, Eclipse Emulator, Android SDK Starter Package, Create Android Based simple Program like Hello Android on Emulator.

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