Page: Syllabus of Book of Machine Design 1

As per Choice Based Grading System

Module 01

  • Mechanical Engineering Design, Design methods, Aesthetic and Ergonomics consideration in design, Material properties and their uses in design, Manufacturing consideration in design,

  • Design consideration of casting and forging, Basic principle of Machine Design, Modes of failures, Factor of safety, Design stresses, Theories of failures (Selection in the process of designing), Standards, I.S. Codes, Preferred Series and Numbers

Module 02

  • Curved Beams: Assumptions made in the analysis of curved beams, Design of curved beams:
  • Bending stresses in curved beams, such as crane hook, C-frame, etc.
  • Thick Cylinders: Design of thick cylinders subjected to an internal pressure using Lame’s equation

Module 03

  • Design against static loads:Cotter joint, Knuckle joint, Turn buckle, Bolted and welded joints under eccentric loading;Power Screw – screw presses, C-clamps along with the Frame, Screw Jack

Module 04

  • Design against fluctuating loads: variables stresses, reversed, repeated, fluctuating stresses.
  • Fatigue failure: static and fatigue stress concentration factors, Endurance limit- estimation of endurance limit, Design for finite and infinite life, Soderberg and Goodman design criteria,
  • Fatigue design under combined stresses

Module 05

  • Design of Shaft: power transmitting, power distribution shafts, Module (excluding crank shaft) under static and fatigue criteria
  • Keys: Types of Keys and their selection based on shafting condition
  • Couplings: Classification of coupling, Design of Flange couplings, Bush pin type flexible couplings

Module 06

  • Design of Springs: Helical compression, Tension Springs under Static and Variable loads,
  • Leaf springs
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