(Closed) How to write a good answer?
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It's a proud moment for community to have helpful peers like yourself. Thanks for your contribution; We’re able to learn together as a community. Here are a few tips on how to make your answer great -

✔ Please be sure to do justice with the question by writing answers of appropriate length. Share your thorough research

✔ Draw neat and labelled diagrams

✔ Use Latex to format equations

But avoid …

✖ Copy pasting answers from internet.

✖ Plagiarism (Google definition: the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own)

✖ Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Sample Answer

Sample Ques10 Answer

To learn more, see our below tips on writing great answers.

  • Say thanks by up voting

    Saying “thanks” is appreciated, but it doesn’t answer the question. Instead, vote up the answers that helped you the most. If these answers were helpful to you, please consider saying thank you in a more constructive way – by contributing your own answers to questions your peers have asked here.

  • Have the same question?

    Still no answer to the question, and you have the same question to ask? Help us find an answer by researching the question, then contribute the results of your research and anything additional you’ve tried as a partial answer. That way, even if we can’t figure it out, the next person has more to go on. You can also vote up the question so the question gets more attention.

  • Answer the question

    Read the question carefully. What, specifically, is the question asking for? Make sure your answer provides appropriate examination solution. Brevity is acceptable, but fuller explanations are better.

  • Provide context for links

    Links to external resources are encouraged, but please add context around the link so your fellow users will have some idea what it is and why it’s there. Always quote the most relevant part of an important link, in case the target site is unreachable or goes permanently offline.

  • Write to the best of your ability

    We don't expect every answer to be perfect, but answers with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar are easier to read. They also tend to get upvoted more frequently. Remember, you can always go back at any time and edit your answer to improve it.

  • Always be polite and have fun

    It’s fine to disagree and express concern, but please be civil. There’s a real human being on the other end of that network connection, however misguided they may appear to be. We’re here to learn from our peers, not yell at each other.

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