Page: Syllabus of Industrial Engineering and Management

As per Credit Grading System

1. Introduction to Industrial Engineering

  • History and contribution
  • Industrial engineering approach
  • Techniques of industrial engineering
  • Objectives of industrial engineering
  • System approach to industrial engineering
  • Definition and concept of productivity
  • Productivity measurements
  • Factors influencing productivity
  • Productivity improvement techniques

2. Value Engineering and Value Analysis

  • Distinction between value engineering & value analysis and their significance
  • Steps in value engineering & analysis and Check lists

3. Work study

  • Method study
  • Micro-motion study and principles of motion economy
  • Work measurement: time study, work sampling, standard data, PMTS
  • MOST

4.Work system design:

  • Introduction to ergonomics and its scope in relation to work
  • Outline of the discipline of anatomy, physiology and psychology, with respect to ergonomics building blocks such as anthropometry and biomechanics
  • Job evaluation
  • Merit rating
  • Incentive schemes
  • Wage administration
  • Business process reengineering

5.1 Facility Design:

  • Facility location factors and evaluation of alternate locations
  • Types of plant layout and their evaluation
  • Computer aided layout design techniques
  • Assembly line balancing
  • Materials handling systems

5.2 Concepts of Group Technology and cellular manufacturing

6.1 Cost accounting

  • Elements of cost
  • Cost sheet
  • Job costing
  • Marginal costing

6.2 Financial management

  • Methods of depreciation
  • Time value of money and techniques for evaluation of capital investments
  • Introduction to financial statements only
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