List different types of dynamometer and explain strain gauge type dynamometer

Types of dynamometer :

1) Mechanical dynamometer

2) strain gauge type dynamometers

3) pneumatic and hydraulic dynamometer

4) piezoelectric dynamometer

5) Electrical dynamometer

Strain gauge type dynamometer.

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fig. (a) use of strain gauges for two dimensional force measurement in turning on a lathe

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fig. (b) Wheatstone bridge circuit

  • This type of gauges are widely used because mechanical methods for measurement strain are not very reliable.

  • It is an electro-mechanical technique and the dynamometer used in process can be termed as electro-mechanical dynamometer.

  • wheatstone bridge circuit is commonly used in connection with electrical strain gauges.

  • The force being measured by this method are cutting force ( $f_c$ ) and thrust force ( $f_t$ )

  • The basic principle involved in this technique is that, the electric resistance of wire changes when it is stretched.

  • The strain gauges are cemented on four flat structures.

  • Two sets of strain gauges are cemented, one set on top and bottom and second set on two vertical sides.

  • These two sets are connected one each, to separate Wheatstone bridge circuits.

  • During experiment, these two sets of strain gauges are subjected to tension and compression.

  • Resistance of the stain gauges subjected to tension increases strain gauges subjected to compression decreases.

  • These changes are measured by Wheatstone bridge.

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