Question: Factor affecting surface finish

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Following are the factors on which surface finishing of machined component depends

1) Cutting speed

2) Depth of cut

3) Feed

4) Material removal rate.

1) Cutting speed :

It is the rate at which cutting edge of tool passes over the surface of workpiece in unit time.

unit - m/min

If the cutting speed is too high, then because of high heat generation the tool may get blunt.

If the cutting speed is too low, then machining time is more results in low productivity.

2) Feed :

It is defined as distance travelled by the tool along or into the workpiece, for each pass of tool point in unit time.

e.g. lathe machine : in lathe machine the advancement of tool in work piece is feed.

3) Depth of cut :

It is the penetration of cutting edge of the tool into the material of work piece in each pass, measured perpendicular to the machined surface.

depth of cut = $\frac{D-d}{2}$

enter image description here

fig. Depth of cut

4) Material removal rate (MRR) :

MRR is the volume of material removed in unit time.

It indicates the time required to remove the specific amount of material from workpiece.

unit - $mm^3$ / min

MRR = f x t x $V_c$

f = feed in mm/rev

t = depth of cut in mm

$V_c$ = cutting velocity

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