The clique percolation method and clique graph GC

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The clique percolation method is as follows:

1) All K cliques present in graph G are extracted.

2) A new clique graph GC is created -

a) Here each extracted K - CLIQUE is compressed as one vertex.

b) The two vertices are connected by an edge in GC if they have k - 1 common verticls.

3) connected components in GC are identified.

4) Each connected component in GC represents a community

5) Set C will be set of communities formed for G.

  • In given example there is six no of 3 cliques as:

a : 1,2,3

b : 1,2,8

c : 2,4,5

d : 2,4,6

e : 2,5,6

f : 4,5,6

  • It has one 4 clique as:

g : 2,4,5,6

so new graph will be enter image description here

  • These graphs represents the communities C1 and C2
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