Areas of applications of simulation
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A simulator is a device that may use any combination of sound, sight, motion, and smell to make the feelings of just like experiencing an actual situation.

Areas of Application of Simulation

  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Construction Engineering and project management
  • Military application
  • Logistics, Supply chain, and distribution application
  • Transportation modes and Traffic
  • Business Process Simulation
  • Health Care
  • Automated Material Handling System (AMHS)
    • Testbeds for functional testing of control-system software
  • Risk analysis
    • Insurance, portfolio,...
  • Computer Simulation
    • CPU, Memory,…
  • Network simulation
    • Internet backbone, LAN (Switch/Router), Wireless, PSTN (call center),.
  • Learning environment
  • Network simulation
  • Simulation in production
  • Emulation
  • Planning of machine scheduling
  • Control station simulation
  • Personnel simulation
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