What is need of IT Project Management?

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Marks: 5M

Year: May13, Dec14, May14


To make project Successful the following thinks is needed:

  • User involvement: Users can be thought of as the project’s customer. Users are important project stakeholders that should be involved in important decisions of a project.

  • Executive Supports: The Support of upper management is critical in terms of acquiring and maintaining financial backing for the project.

  • Clear Business Objectives: The project’s stakeholders must focus on the core value of the project. This includes understanding the larger picture of how a particular project supports the business and organization strategies.

  • Emotional Maturity: Projects are planned organizational change. Emotional maturity focuses on the ability and capability to understand and mange the emotions and action of the various stakeholder of projects.

  • Optimization: The Optimization of IT centres making systems, processes, and people as efficient and effective as possible in order to provide highest level of value to the organization.

  • Agile Process: An agile process supports the users/developer relationship by encouraging team work, collaboration, and evolving requirements.

  • Project management Expertise: Project manger must be skilled in both project management knowledge and the organization environment.

  • Skilled Resources: To be successful a project manager must be able to acquire, manage, and control the right resources at the right time. This may include the ability to develop people or replace a key project team member due to turnover.

  • Execution: Project are executed or carried our according to a plan. This first requires developing a realistic plan.

  • Tools and Infrastructure: This means having the right tool for the job, but also having the skill to use that tool properly.

    These are the need for IT Project Management.

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