Ethical Leadership and Ethical Dilemmas.
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Ethical Leadership:

  • Ethical leadership focuses on how leasers use their social power in the decisions they make, actions they engage in and ways they influence others.

  • Leaders who are ethical demonstrate a level of integrity that is important for stimulating a sense of leader trustworthiness, which is important for followers to accept the vision of the leader.

  • The character and integrity of the leader provides the basis for personal characteristics that direct a leader’s ethical beliefs, values and decisions.

  • Leaders who are ethical are people oriented and also aware of how their decisions impact others. They use their social power to serve the greater good instead of self-serving interests.

  • In ethical leadership it is important for the leader to consider how his or her decisions impact others.

  • Motivating followers to put the needs or interests of the group ahead of their own is another quality of ethical leaders.

    Ethical Dilemmas:

    Common Ethical Dilemmas

    • Human resource situations

    • Conflicts of interest

    • Confidence

    • Corporate resources

    Making Sound Ethical Decisions

    • Gather of facts

    • Define ethical issue

    • Identify affected stakeholders

    • Identify consequences

    • Identify obligations

    • Consider your character and integrity

    • Think creatively about potential actions

    • Check your guts.

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