Question Paper: Quantity survey Estimation and valuation Question Paper - Dec 18 - Civil Engineering (Semester 7) - Mumbai University (MU)

Quantity survey Estimation and valuation - Dec 18

Civil Engineering (Semester 7)

Total marks: 80
Total time: 3 Hours
(1) Question 1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any three from the remaining questions.
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary.

1. Work out the following quantities from given plan & section. (Refer i) Excavation for all footings. ii) P.C.C in footing beds. iii)Flooring and skirting iv) Brick work in c.m. 1:5 in Superstructure.
(20 marks) 00

2.a. Prepare approximate estimate of (G+4) R.C.C. framed bldg. having total carpet area of 500 Sq.m. Building is located in Kalyan. Assume suitable rate of construction. Also make provision of fund for sanitation ,electrification ,water supply etc.
(8 marks) 00

2.b. Explain:- i) C.B.R.I Method ii) Work charged Establishments & Contingencies iii) Bill method
(12 marks) 00

3.a. Define Specification. State the different purposes served by specification. Write brief specificification of 1st class brickwork in Superstructure
(8 marks) 00

3.b. Prepare rate analysis for:- P.C.C (1:1.5:3) in footings.
(8 marks) 00

3.c. Explain Centre line method
(4 marks) 00

4.a. Calculate volume of earthwork in cutting & banking for the road section whose details are given below - (Use Mean Area Method )

enter image description here

Width of formation = 10M. F.L. at zero chainage = 161.60M.

Rising Gradient(1 in 110) Side Slopes = 1.5.1 (Banking) & 2:1(cutting )

(10 marks) 00

4.b. Explain :- Mass Haul Diagram
(5 marks) 00

4.c. Explain Lead & Lift with example.
(5 marks) 00

5.a. Determine standard rent per flat from the following data:-

A building is constructed newly with costs of Rs.55 lakhs on a plot of valuation Rs.70 lakhs.Buildings consists of 20flats of 75 sq.m.area each are constructed.

(i) Net return on land and building = 9% (ii)Life of building = 40years

(iii)Interest rate on Sinking fund = 5% (iv)Salvage value = 10%

(v)Repairs and maintenance = 2.5% of the building cost

(vi)Taxes and other expenses = 20% of the gross rent.

(10 marks) 00

5.b. What is Bar bending schedule ? Explain its importance in estimation Process.
(5 marks) 00

5.c. What is depreciation ? Explain any one method for calculating the depreciation.
(5 marks) 00

6 Write notes on followings. (any five)

6.i. Rules for deduction in plastering as per IS 1200.
(4 marks) 00

6.ii. B.O.T. Contract.
(4 marks) 00

6.iii. Easement rights.
(4 marks) 00

6.iv. Pre-bid conference.
(4 marks) 00

6.v. Sinking fund.
(4 marks) 00 Main inclusions of Tender notice
(4 marks) 00

6.vii. Arbitration.
(4 marks) 00

enter image description here enter image description here

(20 marks) 00

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