Page: Practice designs on Rolling Contact Bearings taken from Exam Question Papers (University of Mumbai)

1) Select suitable DGBB for the shaft diameter of 60mm and reliability of 98 percentage, which rotates at 1440rpm with a radial load of 2500N and Axial load of 1200N, expected life of the bearing is 25000 hrs and load factor is 1.2.

2) An angular contact ball bearing is used for gear shaft to support a radial load of 9 kN and 6 kN along the axial direction. The shaft rotates at 50 rpm. Select a suitable size of bearing, if it is required to have a life of 30000 hrs with a probability of survival of 93 %. Check selected bearing is safe for a given application.

3) A single row DGBB No.6403 is used to support the layshaft of a four-speed automobile gear box. It is subjected to following loads.

Gear Axial Load (N) Radial Load (N) Time engaged %
1 3250 4000 1
2 500 2750 3
3 50 2700 21
4 0 0 75

The layshaft is connected to the engine shaft and rotates at 1750rpm. If the bearing is expected to be in use for 4000 hours, determine the reliability of bearing.

4) Select suitable Deep groove ball bearing for following specification: Shaft diameter = 40mm, Radial load = 850N, Axial load = 700N, Speed = 760rpm, Expected life = 5000hrs, Reliability = 92%

5) A DGBB having SKF No. 6207 subjected to repeated load cycle as below. Find the probability for an expected life of 1000 Hrs. Take service factor as 1.2

enter image description here

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