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N010 G28 V0 W0; ---------------------- (Return to Home zero)

N020 G95 G21; ---------------------- (Per Revolution Feed, Metric Mode)

(Facing operation)

N030 M42 T0101; ---------------------- (High Gear, Turned No.1, Tool offset value from register 1)

N040 S200 M03 M07; ---------------------- (spindle speed, clockwise ON, coolant ON)

N050 G00 X0 Z5; ---------------------- (Rapid to point 1)

N060 G01 Z0 F0.5; ---------------------- (Facing operation begins at point 2)

N070 X72; ---------------------- (Facing ends at point 3)

N080 G00 Z25; ---------------------- (Rapid withdraw of tool to point 4)


N090 G71 U2 R1; ---------------------- (stock Removal, depth of cut=2mm, Escape=1mm)

N100 G71 P110 Q190 U2 W0 F0.5; ---------------------- (stock Removal)

N110 G00 X0 Z6; ---------------------- (Rapid to 5)

N120 G01 Z0; ---------------------- (Turning begins from point 6)

N130 G03 X20 Z-10 R10; ---------------------- (Turn till point 7)

N140 G01 Z-35; ---------------------- (Turn till point 8)

N150 X40 Z-70; ---------------------- (Turn till point 9)

N160 Z-95; ---------------------- (Turn till point 10)

N170 G02 X70 Z-110 R15; ---------------------- (Turn till point 11)

N170 G01 Z-150; ---------------------- (Turn till point 12)

N190 G00 X72 Z5; ---------------------- (Rapid retrieval to 4)

(Finishing Tool)

N200 M42 T0202; ---------------------- (High Gear, Turret No.2, Tool Offset value from register 02)

N210 G70 P110 Q190; ---------------------- (Finish Turn)

N220 G28 U0 W0 M09; ---------------------- (Return to Home zero, coolant OFF)

N230 M05; ---------------------- (spindle OFF)

N240 M30; ---------------------- (End of program , machine stop)

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