Propose a vote of thanks for the seminar organised on Effective Communication Skills in your institute
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Good evening all!

As all good things come to an end in life, so is the seminar.

On behalf of Pioneer Institute of Technology, I take this opportunity to propose vote of thanks to those who have directly and indirectly contributed to this seminar on - "Effective Communication Skills" organized by our institute.

At the outset, I thank our chief Guest and resource person Mr. Rajan Kumar. We are really enlightened with your knowledge and presence. We are thankful to our honorable Founder President and Founder Secretary for their motivation. I would like to thank our Principal for his enthusiastic support.

A special thanks to the organizing committee, teaching and non teaching staff for their unflinching support and coordination. Our heartfelt thanks to our students for active participation.

With these warm words and a kind message, we move to the end of today's seminar. Thank you.

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