Differentiate between sliding mesh and constant mesh gear box.
1 Answer
Constant Mesh Gear Box Sliding Mesh Gear Box
It consists of helical gear It consists of spur gear
It has better design as compared to sliding mesh. It has simplest design of gear box.
All the gears on the main shaft are in constant mesh with the corresponding gears on the counter shaft. The main shaft gears are not in mesh constantly with the counter shaft gears,which can slide and mesh.
It has less chance of damage to gear teeth during meshing becuase dog clutch is used. It has more chance to damage the gear teeth during meshing.
The size of the gearbox is small. The size of the gearbox is large
The gear changing is smooth and produces less noise as compared to Sliding mesh. Here, the gear changing is not smooth and easy. It produce noise due to spur gears.
Constant mesh gearbox is generally used in small vehicles like two wheelers. Sliding mesh gearbox is very oldest type of gearbox and generally used in motor vehicles.
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