Syllabus of Enterprise Network Design


  1. OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  2. Routing IP Addresses
  3. Internetworking Devices

Module 01: Applying a Methodology to Network Design:

The Cisco Service Oriented Network Architecture, Network Design Methodology, Identifying Customer Requirements, Characterizing the Existing Network and Sites, Using the TopDown Approach to Network Design, The Design Implementation Process.

Module 02: Structuring and Modularizing the Network:

Network Hierarchy, Using a Modular Approach to Network Design, Services Within Modular Networks, Network Management Protocols and Features

Module 03: Designing Basic Campus and Data Center Networks

Campus Design Considerations, Enterprise Campus Design, Enterprise Data Center Design Considerations

Module 04: Designing Remote Connectivity

Enterprise Edge WAN Technologies, WAN Design, Using WAN Technologies, Enterprise Edge WAN and MAN Architecture, Selecting Enterprise Edge Components, Enterprise Branch and Teleworker Design.

Module 05: Designing IP Addressing in the Network & Selecting Routing Protocols

Designing an IP Addressing Plan, Introduction to IPv6, Routing Protocol Features, Routing Protocols for the Enterprise, Routing Protocol Deployment, Route Redistribution, Route Filtering, Redistributing and Filtering with BGP, Route Summarization

Module 06: Software Defined Network

Understanding SDN and Open Flow : SDN – SDN Building Blocks, OpenFlow messages – Controller to Switch, Symmetric and Asynchronous messages, Implementing OpenFlow Switch, OpenFlow controllers , POX and NOX, Open Flow in Cloud Computing, Case study: how SDN changed Traditional Enterprise network Design

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