Syllabus of Data Mining and Business Intelligence
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1. Introduction to Data Mining:

What is Data Mining; Kind of patterns to be mined; Technologies used; Major issues in Data Mining

2. Data Exploration and Data Preprocessing:

Types of Attributes; Statistical Description of Data; Data Visualization; Measuring similarity and dissimilarity.

Why Preprocessing? Data Cleaning; Data Integration; Data Reduction: Attribute subset selection, Histograms, Clustering and Sampling; Data Transformation & Data Discretization: Normalization, Binning, Histogram Analysis and Concept hierarchy generation.

3. Classification:

Basic Concepts; Classification methods: 1. Decision Tree Induction: Attribute Selection Measures, Tree pruning. 2. Bayesian Classification: Naïve Bayes‟ Classifier. Prediction: Structure of regression models; Simple linear regression, Multiple linear regression. Accuracy and Error measures, Precision, Recall, Holdout, Random Sampling, Cross Validation.

4. Clustering:

Cluster Analysis: Basic Concepts;

Partitioning Methods: K-Means, K-Mediods; Hierarchical Methods:

Agglomerative, Divisive, BIRCH; Density-Based Methods: DBSCAN What are outliers? Types, Challenges; Outlier Detection Methods: Supervised, Semi Supervised, Unsupervised, Proximity based, Clustering Based.

5. Frequent Pattern Mining:

Market Basket Analysis, Frequent Itemsets, Closed Itemsets, and Association Rules; Frequent Pattern Mining, Efficient and Scalable Frequent Itemset Mining Methods, The Apriori Algorithm for finding Frequent Itemsets Using Candidate Generation, Generating Association Rules from Frequent Itemsets, Improving the Efficiency of Apriori, A pattern growth approach for mining Frequent Itemsets; Mining Frequent itemsets using vertical data formats; Introduction to Mining Multilevel Association Rules and Multidimensional Association Rules; From Association Mining to Correlation Analysis, lift, ; Introduction to Constraint-Based Association Mining.

6. Business Intelligence:

What is BI? Business intelligence architectures; Definition of decision support system; Development of a business intelligence system using Data Mining for business Applications like Fraud Detection, Clickstream Mining, Market Segmentation, retail industry, telecommunications industry, banking & finance CRM etc.

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