Syllabus of Electronic Devices and Circuits 3
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1. Introduction to MOSFET

1.1 MOSFET - Symbol, Types of MOSFET - Depletion and Enhancement type MOSFET (N channel and P channel),

1.2 Construction, Operation, and V-I characteristics of MOSFET

1.3 MOSFET biasing - Types of Depletion & enhancement MOSFET biasing,

1.4 MOSFET as amplifier

2 Introduction of Multistage amplifiers

2.1 RC coupled, transformer coupled, direct coupled,

2.2 Low and high frequency considerations of cascade amplifier, cascode amplifier (CE-CB), Darlington pair amplifier.

3 Design of Multistage amplifiers

Analysis and design considerations of multistage amplifiers (CE-CE, CS-CS, CS-CE,), effect of source and load resistance

4 Large signal amplifiers

4.1 Harmonic distortion and power efficiency of Class A, B, AB, and C amplifiers

4.2 Design of Class A, Class B, and Push-Pull Power amplifier design.

4.3 Thermal considerations and design selection of heat sinks.

5 Feedback amplifiers

5.1 Feedback concept, ideal feedback amplifier, classification of feedbacks, Various topologies

5.2 Analysis and design of different types of negative feedback.

6 Oscillators

6.1 Principle of oscillation, RC oscillator, twin T oscillator

6.2 Oscillator with LC feedback. Colpitts oscillator, Hartley oscillator, Crystal controlled oscillator.

6.3 Design of different oscillator circuits.

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