What do you mean by universal counter? Explain and state its advantage.
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All measurements of time period and frequency by various circuits can be assembled together to form one complete block, called a Universal Counter Timer. The universal counter uses logic gates which are selected and controlled by a single front panel switch, known as the function switch. A simplified block diagram is shown in Fig. 6.12. With the function switch in the frequency mode, a control voltage is applied to the specific logic gate circuitry. Hence, the input signal is connected to the counted signal channel of the main gate. The selected output from the time base dividers is simultaneously gated to the control F/F, which enables or disables the main gate. Both control paths are latched internally to allow them to operate only in proper sequence. When the function switch is on the period mode, the control voltage is connected to proper gates of the logic circuitry, which connects the time base signals to the counted signal channel of the main gate.

At the same time the logic circuitry connects the input to the gate control for enabling or disabling the main gate. The other function switches, such as time interval ratio and external standards perform similar functions. The exact details of switching and control procedures vary from instrument to instrument.



Universal Counter can be defined as: A counter counts the number of cycles over a second. With the advent digital integrated circuits the design of electronic counters has become easy. An electronic counter can be used to count or measure frequency, time period, time interval between two actions and to determine the ratio between two frequencies. It can be used as count totalizer. The advantage of a digital counter is that it displays its count, frequency or time period etc., on a numeric display, offering all the advantages of digital displays.

Following are the benefits or advantages of Universal Counter:

➨They are available in several mounting configurations.

➨There is large demand of electronic counters for vivid applications such as setting up AC timer, setting timer to take pictures in camera, as clock divider etc.

➨They are available in low cost to medium cost depending upon the configurations and specifications.

➨They are widely used for manufacturing purposes, for controlling batch sizes, punch/drill products etc.

➨It can be used for long duration with minimum maintenance.

➨It offers digital readouts.

➨It can be easily installed and it is available in semi-automatic to automatic modes.

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