(Duplicate) Reputation and Levels

This site is run by its dynamic community members, like you :)

You receive points when you contribute in a meaningful way to the community and lose when you don't. These points help you unlock levels and various privileges associated with it.

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Points On Action
+10 points autobiographer award on 100% complete profile
+20 points trusted award
+10 points for bookmark you receive on your question
+10 points for upvote you receive on your answer
+20 points for accepted answer written by you
-10 points your post / comment verified as spam (moderator might also suspend you)
-20 points for your post when deleted by moderator


Points Level Unlocked Priviledges
0 points LEVEL 0 Read everything - New User by default
20 points LEVEL 1 Contribute (20 questions + 20 answers)
50 points LEVEL 2 Can comment anywhere
100 points LEVEL 3 Contribute More (200 questions + 200 answers)
200 points LEVEL 4 Increased trust (allowed to report spam)
500 points LEVEL 5 Unlimited question answers
1k points LEVEL 6 You are a Moderator (Suggest edits + moderate posts)
2k points LEVEL 7 You are an admin (Direct edits)

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