Write a short note on video controller and display processor.

Write a short note on video controller and display processor.

1 Answer

Video controller :-

  1. Video controller is a key hardware component that allows computers to generate graphic information to any video display devices, such as a monitor or projector.

  2. They are also known as graphics or video adapters that are directly integrated into the computer motherboard.

  3. Their main function as an integrated circuit in a video signal generator is to produce television video signals in computers systems.

  4. They also offer various functions beyond accelerated image rendering, such as TV output and the ability to hook up to several monitors.

Display processor :-

  1. Display processor (or graphics controller) converts the digital information from the CPU to analog values needed by the display devices.

  2. The purpose of the display processor is to free the CPU from the graphics work.

  3. In addition to the system memory, a separate display processor memory area is provided.

  4. A major task of the display processor is digitizing a picture definition given in an application program into a set of pixel values for storage in the frame buffer.

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