Describe the different types of attributes one may come across in a data mining data set with two examples of each type.

Mumbai University > Information Technology > Sem6 > Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Marks: 5M

Year: May 2015


Different types of attributes in a data mining data set are:

  1. Nominal:

    • The values of a nominal attribute are just different names, i.e. nominal attributes provide only enough information to distinguish one object from another(=,≠)

    • Examples: zip codes, employees ID numbers.

  2. Ordinal:

    • The values of an ordinal attribute provide enough information to order objects(<, >)

    • Examples: Hardness of minerals, street numbers

  3. Interval:

    • For interval attributes, the differences between values are meaningful,i.e. a unit of measurement exists(+,-)

    • Examples: Calendar dates, Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  4. Ratio:

    • For ration variables, both differences and ratios are meaningful(*,/)
    • Examples: Temperature in Kelvin, counts, age.
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