About Ques10

It's midnight. You start studying. You flip through a few pages and stumble across a concept. You start reading it slowly.. but don't understand it full. You read it again.. Bouncer!

What do you do? You Google.

And that's where we come into picture. Someone else might have asked a similar question already and you find it's concise answer here.

Have you any doubts? our mission is to provide you with the best answer.

Our Story

It was 2014. While still in college, Yashbeer - our founder realized that most students didn't have access to good quality study material. They either depended on professors or their peers for notes.

With the help of fellow students who were academically proficient, Yashbeer created a question-answer booklet and distributed amongst them. It went viral! His phone didn't stop ringing for days with thank yous, comments, and suggestions. That's how this website was born!

Since then, we have come far. Today, this platform serves thousands of people daily and shall serve millions more in future!

Our Milestones

We had humble beginnings. Launched the first version of the website with profile, posts, and tags. Later that year, we introduced points and awards. Students started flocking over.

This year, we witnessed exponential growth in our traffic. We reached 1 Million users mark. Started hitting 700K pageviews in a month. Our single box server started giving up!. We moved our servers to VPC with separate database and load-balancer. Crazy times!

Shift in our paradigm.

We always, at heart, wanted to create a community but had detour in previous years to owning the content ourselves. However, we struggled in maintaining the quality of growing content. Lesson learnt! Back to community building. We introduced levels and started incentivising our community to create and maintain the content. That said, now we want to focus on just this!

Our People

We are proud of what we have built and many have helped us unconditionally along the way. We can't name them all here because that would be a really long list. We thank them for their support. As far as our core team goes, we do have some names.

Know more about them