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They say necessity is the mother of invention..

It was December the 16th, 2013 and I were sick. I was debilitated with chicken pox, just days before my final exams.

Normally, I would start preparing for my exams, during the PL as I would spend the rest of the semester doing freelance projects to fund my education. Every engineering student knows that two weeks of focused study is more than enough to ace any paper. And this semester was no different.

But this time wasn't like the other times. Chicken pox had taken a heavy toll on my health. After being in bed for 10 days, I just wanted to somehow clear my exams. And that's when I started scouring through previous year question papers.

But there weren't any decent answers and looking for answers in reference books was out of the question. There was too much information to study at the last minute. And the internet was a whole another can of worms.

But somehow I managed to clear the semester. Boy that was tough!

This is when the idea was born. To create a portal where students can ask exam questions and those who know can provide their answers. And after months of effort, the result was 'Ques10'.

My peers, who could be categorized as academically proficient, started using Ques10 to share their knowledge. Teachers would refer the answers to correct the answer papers. A community of students, teachers, and academic experts was slowly building.

Today, this platform serves more than 20,000 people daily, hosts 18,000+ question & answers, and has 20,500+ registered members. We've come far and have a long way to go.

I dream that every single exam question across the world meets its answer one day, here at this portal, Ques10.

- Yashbeer Singh, Founder

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