This site is run by community members, like you!

You earn points when you contribute to the community. These points let you unlock levels and various privileges associated with it.


Yours Total points Level Privileges
0 LEVEL 0 Read everything - New user
20 LEVEL 1 Invite only
50 LEVEL 2 Invite only
100 LEVEL 3 Contribute More (200 questions + 200 answers)
200 LEVEL 4 Increased trust (allowed to report spam)
500 LEVEL 5 Unlimited question answers
5000 LEVEL 6 You are a Moderator (approve suggested edits + moderate posts)
10000 LEVEL 7 You are an admin (Direct edits)


Points On Action
+20 for verifying email id
+10 for verifying phone number
+10 for 100% completion of profile
+10 if your suggested edit of question / answer is approved
+10 for bookmark you receive on your question
+10 for upvote you receive on your answer
+20 for accepted answer written by you
-10 if your post / comment gets spam by moderator (moderator might as well suspend you)
-20 if your post get deleted by moderator