Girlfriend or no girlfriend in college?

Nicely put!! May be a new blogger or writer is born. Keep it up!! A good read it was.


pros and cons both have strong points.. guys will spend all time time deciding wat to do :D and will be able to have none :D :D bt well said "go for a girl if you truly have feelings for her. Else, enjoy your bachelor’s life."

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A dilemma that arises in the minds of a lot of young boys when they start their graduation, is whether to be in a relationship or not. There is never a black and white answer to this question, and it totally varies from one individual to another. So here I’m, to apprise you of both the sides of the coin, leaving the decision to you after weighing the pros and cons. :P

Let me list the pros first:

1.Want someone who you can call and message anytime you feel low? Yes!

2.Want to be able to share your deepest secrets and thoughts without getting judged? Hell yeah!

3.Want a trusted company to hang out with, explore places and share your joys and sorrows with? Yes again!

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4.Want a source of inspiration and stress relief? Why not?

5.Want someone with a sweet and soft voice to wake you up in the morning everyday, and not the irritating alarm sounds? Yes! Yes! Yes!

6.You get to feel those natural butterflies in your stomach every time you see her.

"It's funny how just the mention of your name gives me butterfly"

7.Need someone to care for you more than your friends do? :)

8.Don’t want to spend Valentines days alone and want to make birthdays extra special? Go for it!

And now that you all are oh so positive about it :P ,

Here’s the downside:

1.Be prepared for the emotional involvement in the journey.

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2.Arguments, and oh, girls are so good at it. Because you know what? We girls cannot stop thinking! Think. Think. Think. We can live on it! And our minds are gifted to run in all directions over a petty thing. Hihahahaha. :p

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3.Mood swings. Especially the teenage girls are proved to go through mood swings, and trust me, if you are around her during this emotional state, be prepared to become a regular bakra without any reason! :D

4.Less time for your male friends, and hence less partying with boys, because your time gets invested in your girls. *Soch lo… *:p

5.Less sleep. Are you the one who cannot compromise on this most precious thing in the world? If yes, say no to a girlfriend and sleep well. :P

6.Is your time and money more precious to you than a relationship with a girl? Because be ready to spend half of your pocket money on her. :P

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7.Want to be able to talk and hang out with all the chic girls in your college? Then it’s a big no for a girlfriend. High time you rethink your decision. :p

8.Not ready to share your phone passwords with a girl yet? Don’t. And say bye-bye to her. Because girls love checking their boys’ cell phones. :p

Funny as this read may be, on a serious note, go for a girl if you truly have feelings for her. Else, enjoy your bachelor’s life. :)

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