Explain SOA life cycle with diagram. Also state the advantages of SOA.

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Marks: 10M

Year: May 2015


SOA Life Cycle

  • service orientation ties together autonomous sources of information bridging a wide range of operating systems, technology and communication process.
  • This service orientation process is an iterative and incremental process.
  • It consists of creating (exposing new services aggregating(composing ) these services into larger composing applications and making the outputs available for consumption by the business user.
  • All these phases are driven by the business processes to meet the business experiments.

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These phases are as follows:

1) Expose:

  • This phase focuses on creation/extraction of services from existing application and data.
  • service creation can be time grained or course grained.
  • As services are loosely coupled, they can be.
  • It is also concerned with the implementation of these services.

2) Compose:

  • Once services are created, they can be combined into more complex services, applications or business processes.
  • As receives are loosely coupled, they can be combined and reused with maximum flexibility.

3) Consume:

  • This phase is concerned with the usage of the already created services by other IT systems or end users.
  • It delivers new, dynamic applications that enable insight into business performance.

Advantages of SOA

1) Reusability

2) Interoperability

3) Scalability

4) Flexibility

5) Cost efficiency

6) Coverage existing assests.

7) Easier to integrate and manage

8) More responsive and faster time to market.

9) Reduce cost and increases reuse.

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