List the top analyzing ranking factors for SEO.
1 Answer

SEOmoz conducted a survey of leading SEOs to determine what these SEOs thought were the most important ranking factors. Here is a high-level summary of the analyzing factors categorized into 3 category:

Positive Analyzing Ranking Factors:

  • Keyword use in title tag

  • Anchor text of inbound link

  • Global link authority of site

  • Age of site

  • Link popularity within the site’s internal link structure

  • Topical relevance of inbound links

  • Link popularity of site in topical community

  • Keyword use in body text

  • Global link popularity of sites that link to the site

Negative Analyzing Ranking Factors:

  • Malware Being Hosted on site

  • Cloaking

  • Pages on the site that sell links.

  • Promoting the sale of paid links.

Other Analyzing Ranking Factors:

  • Rate of acquisition of links

  • User Data

  • Usage Data

  • Google Sandbox

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