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  • A scanner is a device that copies a picture in digital form. After capturing the image, the data is transferred to the computer.
  • People use scanners to store their hand held pictures in their computer, and one might scan a document for business, school, etc.
  • The two main types of scanners are flatbed and portable scanners.
  • A flatbed scanner is the most common type of scanner, and it is designed to scan flat objects.
  • A portable scanner is designed for travel purposes.
  • A sheet fed scanner is much like the flatbed scanner, only this may now be immobile and be used in stores to scan items on shelves.
  • Optical scanners capture the image of a usually flat object and transfer it to a computer, much like flatbed scanners. In order to produce a better quality image, as most people strive for in their printing, you need a higher resolution scanner.
  • The resolution of a scanner is measured in dots per 12-inches, which makes sense because the more dots you have, the more color that shows up, producing higher quality scans.
  • Along with the resolution of a scanner comes the quality, which can be edited and improved once the image is scanned. If the user wants an extremely detailed scan, the drum scanner is a great tool to make this possible.
  • It uses a photomultiplier tube to scan on a glass cylinder and send light rays in three beams, making light and color change and producing greatly detailed images.
  • There are even apps on our phone that we can personally scan documents to have on-the-go. The problem with this, however, is privacy issues and the crisis of having your phone or any other device stolen which has scanned any personal information.
  • While scanners are a tremendous help especially in businesses, it is important users be aware of the risks and use with caution.
  • Although digital cameras are considered standard today, many individuals still have negatives from their days of using a film camera.
  • This traditional film can easily be digitized using a specialized film scanner. Increasing the resolution will allow for higher quality reproductions of the images.
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