Explain issues in Web Designing

Mumbai University > Information Technology > Sem 4 > Web Programming

Marks: 5M

Year: May 2014

1 Answer

Jean Kaiser has suggested following design goals for web site design:

  • Simplicity: Considering from a layman user, web site should be built to make it easier for user to use it. Web site might have information, pictures, effects, etc. This makes the website design enormous and it should be avoided
  • Identity: Every web site should have its identity. Websites are categorized on various factors, considering their objective, category of users, etc.
  • Consistency: The contents of web application should be consistent. There are various properties of a content of web site like text formatting, font style, colour scheme, Navigation mechanism, graphics design etc. It should be identical in all the pages.
  • Robustness: The failure or missing of any functionality in a web site disappoints a user. User expects robust contents and functions of web application.
  • Navigability: The navigation helps to move from one page to another. It should not be complex to make it difficult for lay man user. A developer should deploy predictive navigation functionality.
  • Visual Appeal: A Web site should be able to attract more number of users. This can be achieved by implementing dynamic and attractive graphics in a web site. The factors include Look and feel, interface layout, colour co-ordination, balance of text, graphics and other various media.
  • Compatibility: A web site should be built in such a way that it should be implemented in various environment and configurations such as different browsers.
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