What are the steps to convert a Moore machine to a Mealy machine? Design a Moore machine to convert each occurrence of 100 to 101. Convert it into an equivalent Mealy machine using the above mentioned

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Steps to convert a Moore machine to a Mealy machine:

Step 1:

For a state qi determine the number of outputs that are available in θ state table of the Mealy machine.

Step 2:

If the outputs corresponding to state $q_i$ in the next state columns are same, then retain state $q_i$ as it is. Else, break $q_i$ into different states with the number of new states being equal to the number of different outputs of $q_i$.

Step 3:

Rearrange the states and outputs in the format of Moore machine. The common output of the new state table can be determined by examining the outputs under the next state columns of the Mealy machine.

Step 4:

If the output in the constructed state table corresponding to the initial state is 1, then this specifies the acceptance of the null string ^ by Mealy machine. Hence, to make both the Mealy and Moore machines equivalent, we either need to ignore the corresponding to null string or we need to insert a new initial state at beginning whose output is 0; the other row elements in this case would remain the same.

The Moore machine for the problem is given as

enter image description here

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