Why bunking lectures is good for health
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Here’s why :

1. To make memories

The best memories are made when you make spontaneous plans during college hours and go on an unexpected joyride with your friends. Or maybe to that movie which has recently been released. Or maybe your girlfriend wants to hang out with you. The memories that such moments give us are the ones to be cherished for a lifetime. And aren’t these memories that truly make you happy when you look back to your college days?

2. A little take it easy attitude is good for you

The assignments, periodic tests, practical, classes and the busy schedule can sometimes put you under unavoidable pressure and a monotonous life. That’s when you should bunk a lecture, to remind yourself to take things a little easy and to relax and unwind. Life is anyway not meant to be taken very seriously. Dance while the music is being played. :)

3. Listening to your heart is the best way to live

‘Aaj mann nahi kar raha hai yar lecture attend karneka’

A common sentence blurted out by many of us. Yeah, sometimes you just do not know why you don’t feel like attending a lecture. But you just feel like doing it. At such times, you should just do it! Because, padhai toh hoti rahegi, par ye time wapas nahi ayega. :)

Note : Bunking lectures and mingling with your pals can be a great idea, but avoid doing it too often, especially in the same subject lectures. It is very important to maintain balance between studies and fun. You sure do not want to get in trouble for a poor attendance. So, learn to manage your studies and review the important concepts taught in class while you were busy making memories. :)

Oh, by the way, I have some tips for you if you do not know good reasons to bunk your lectures. Yeah, you can thank me later. :p

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