11 things you should not miss in engineering life
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If you are an engineer reading this, see if you have done all of the following at least once during engineering. If you haven’t, I would call you a half engineer. :p

1. Bunk a class

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Make extempore plans with your friends, bunk a class and have fun! Or maybe join the mass bunk grand plan and make memories outside the classroom.

2. Participate in sports

Engineering life will expose you to a variety of sports, both indoor and outdoor, including table tennis, carrom, dodge ball, cricket, football, basket ball and badminton. And sports fest that will be held once or twice a year. Even if you aren’t good at a sport, try participating and explore, because you will hardly get time to regularly play a sport once you enter the corporate world. So make the most of your engineering life. :)

3. Participate and attend cultural fests and technical fests

That time of the year which every college student waits for is the college cultural festival. Spanning from a day or two to a week, it gives an opportunity to all the students to participate in a plethora of events and showcase their talents. Don’t forget to showcase yours and maybe win your crush's heart. :p

4. Organize events

Participating is always good, but organizing an event or being an active member of student societies or student council is better! Why? Because it helps you to learn management aspects, develops decision making ability, gives you a platform to turn your ideas into events and gives you an edge over others.

5. Love at least one subject and be the best at it

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The happiness of excelling in a subject you love the most is beyond bounds. The toppers of the class may be good in all the subjects but no one can beat you in your favorite subject.

6. Industrial visits or trips with your friends

Go, hang out with your friends for a few days to a different city or state and have the time of your life.

7. Night out

Especially during preparation leaves or a couple of days before your exam, night outs are a must. You do not realize when your study hours get converted into gossip sessions and a late night bike ride, and that’s when you make memories.

8. Celebrate birthdays, friendship days and your special days

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The best way to make dull days interesting is by celebrating each of your friends’ birthday, scribbling your names on your companions’ hand on friendship days and not to forget, planning and executing the special birthday surprises for your girl friend or boy friend. :D

9. Go unprepared for a mock test

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The experience of going unprepared for a test and getting its result is the one you shouldn’t miss having. See for yourself whether you manage to score well or flunk. :P

10. Intern and volunteer

Use at least one vacation to intern at a firm and volunteer for a social cause you care about. :)

11. Participate in inter college fest

Going to another college with your group of friends and winning in their campus is a very joyful and satisfying experience. Go for inter college technical paper presentations or some other fun events and experience participating with a wider and diverse crowd.

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