6 ideas to celebrate your friends birthday

I think Amrita, your idea on this is great, but a little tweeks to be made,

  1. *A day full of greeting cards every hour,* OUCH, that would a great task for anyone though. Truly speaking have you tried doing this way? And if have, please feel free on sharing your thoughts how did it go.

  2. Slam Book, this is the old way of keeping the friends alive by words, the bonding words will be used, for eg: Do keep in touch, whatsoever, but I feel this this option to be off the chart for this topic. What do you feel on that. Please feel free to tell me about it.

Looking forward for your reply. :)

If it's a holiday, one of the good ideas will be to enjoy at theme parks like Water Kingdom or Aqua Imagica with all the friends.

Plus there will be discount for B'day boy/girl ;)

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Birthdays are the most awaited days in college. They bring life to an otherwise humdrum day. Here are some innovative ideas to make this day extra special for your friends and loved ones in college :

1. A day full of greeting cards every hour

A cost saving way to make her birthday special is by gifting greeting cards to her on every hour of college or throughout the day. You can start with the first greeting card before the first lecture, hiding it under her desk or giving it to her in person. Greeting cards are a fabulous way to convey your feelings in words. And a handmade card can do wonders!

2. Making a cake from their favorite food item

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So if you know your friend loves maggi or donuts or muffins, you can make decorative cakes from it! And be rest assured, they would love it! Or how about a bouquet of candies or chocolates or donuts?

3. Make a mini movie

A video, background birthday wishing music and pictures always make a great combination and who doesn’t love to be the center of it all? Make your friend feel awesome on her special day by making a fantastic video of all your fun times together. You can also add clips of her close friends' warm wishes in the video. Wouldn’t that be great? :D

4. Personalized gift

Personalized photo frames, mugs, tee shirts, paintings, pillows, etc. are in vogue and will always remain so. It is one of the best ways to make anyone feel loved.

5. Gift hunt!

A very interesting and fun way to keep your friend engaged all day, searching for the gift, is by planning a gift hunt for the day. Start by keeping the first clue on her desk and make her move around the class, floor or college to reach to the last card, where you can place your special gift.

6. Slam book

A slam book will give her memories to keep forever, about all her friends. You can make a creative book and ask her friends to stick some funny photographs of theirs on the book.

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