"Coaching or no coaching for engineering?", a mind boggling question in every student's mind.
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coaching or no coaching for engineering

An obvious quandary many of you might fall into once you enter engineering is whether to join coaching classes or not. And my answer to it is- it’s totally your decision and depends on individual capacities. Some of you might be habituated to self studying and should consider doing so, while some of you might need a good teacher to understand a particularly difficult subject. You know yourself better and hence should decide for yourself whether you need coaching. However, what I can do for you is list down the pros and cons of coaching which might help you take a better decision.

The pros of engineering coaching class

1. Coaching helps you understand the subject well

The teacher : student ratio is much better in a coaching institute than in a college classroom. That helps trainers to give personal attention to you, and might also help you improve on your weak areas.

2. You are forced to dedicate time to studies

Coaching class fixed timings will help you stay regular with your studies, otherwise most of you wouldn’t on account of procrastination and sluggishness. Being regular in your studies is a pre requisite to doing well in the final semester exams, and coaching classes can do just that.

3. Easier to approach coaching faculty for doubts

It becomes difficult to approach faculty in colleges since they have a lot to do on their list ( assignments, other lectures, college fests, teachers’ activities, etc. ) apart from teaching a particular subject. Hence they may not be able to give you as much time as a personal trainer could.

4. Exam oriented material at hand

And this is very beneficial, having exam oriented study material given to you by your coaching institute. It saves a lot of time of preparing notes, and you can invest that time in revision or studying some important concepts beyond syllabus.

The cons of engineering coaching class

1. Travel time

One of the major reasons students avoid joining a coaching institute is because of its location. Many of us are lazy to travel an hour or more for a three hour lecture every alternate day. And beyond laziness, it’s not worth to invest half the time in travelling.

2. Not much time for extra-curricular activities

It usually happens that coaching classes have their lectures post college hours. So, you might have to make a choice between a college event or study time, on many occasions. You will always be in a hurry after college hours to go attend that subject coaching. That might reduce your participation in sports or cultural events or college societies.

3. Dependency on others for studies

If you are the kind of person who likes understanding concepts on her own, which is a better and more efficient way of learning, then you shouldn’t join coaching. The teachers in classes are going to guide you and make things easier, however the ultimate onus of studying is on you.

4. You will learn to manage your own time

And in a way you become more independent. Why? Because, you have to plan your own studies and execute your own time tables, with no one keeping a watch on you. You become capable of taking good decisions and prioritizing between study hours and fun times.

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