What is Data aggregation in WSN? What is mean by Data centric routing in WSN

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  1. Data aggregation combines data from many sensor nodes into a more compact form before forwarding to a location for processing.
  2. Data aggregation is needed to handle the large amount of data generated in sensor networks.
  3. Another important issue is that routing may be based on the data-centric approach.
  4. In data-centric routing, interest dissemination is performed to assign the sensing tasks to the sensor nodes.
  5. There are two approaches used for interest dissemination: sinks broadcast the interest and sensor nodes broadcast an advertisement for the available data and wait for a request from the interested nodes.
  6. In sensor networks, attribute-based addressing may be required.
  7. The user is more interested in querying an attribute of the phenomenon, rather than querying an individual node.
  8. Attribute-based addressing is used to carry out queries by using the attributes of the phenomenon. Other features include localization to determine the physical location of the sensors, fault tolerance, and clock synchronization.
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