write a note on Wireless Sensor Networks

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > Advanced Networking Technologies

Marks: 5M

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Wireless sensor networks have been useful in a variety of areas. The primary areas in which these networks are deployed follows.

  1. Environmental observations.
  • Wireless sensor networks can be used to monitor environmental changes.
  • An example is water pollution detection in a lake that is located near a factory that uses chemical substances.
  • Sensor nodes are randomly deployed in unknown and hostile areas and relay the exact origin of a pollutant to a centralized authority which takes appropriate measures to limit the spreading of pollution.
  • Other examples include forest fi re detection, air pollution, and rainfall observation in agriculture.
  1. Military monitoring.
  • The military uses sensor networks for battlefield surveillance.
  • Sensors can monitor vehicular traffic, track the position of the enemy, or even safeguard the equipment of side deploying sensors.
  1. Building monitoring.
  • Wireless sensor networks can also be used in large buildings or factories to monitor climate changes.
  • Thermostats and temperature sensor nodes are deployed all over the building’s area. In addition, sensors can be used to monitor vibration that can damage the structure of a building.
  1. Health care.
  • Sensors can be used in biomedical applications to improve the quality of provided care.
  • Sensors are implanted in the human body to monitor medical problems such as cancer and help patients maintain their health.
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