Compare ATM and Frame Relay
1 Answer
Sr No. ATM Frame Relay
1. Fixed length packet size called cells (53bytes) Variable length packet size called frames
2. Processing overhead is reduced Processing overhead is more
3. User constant data rate Variable constant data rate
4. Allows multiple channel rate Multiple channel not allowed
5. Data transfers are within a single LAN It is used to connect LAN and it is not implemented within a single area network
6. Cost is higher Less expensive
7. ATM is a network switching technology that uses a cell based methodology to quantize data FR is a packet switching technology for connecting network points in WAN
8. ATM is designed for hardware implementation Frame relay is designed by means of software
9. It is difficult to upgrade hardware implemented ATM system It is easier to upgrade software implemented Frame relay system
10. Hardware implemented ATM have higher processing and switching thus proving high speed data transfer Software implemented ATM Frame relay is slower as it takes more time to process and switch packets through virtual circuits
11. Large overhead which gives low efficiency Low overhead which gives low efficiency
12. ATM is useful in transmitting video and image traffic at high speed for shorter transactions Useful in transmitting large sized file for longer transactions with lesser error.
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