Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Relay.

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > Advanced Networking Technologies

Marks: 5M

Year: May 2013

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  • Cost Savings: FR offers reduction of physical local loops over private line network as frame uses a virtual circuit for each new connection
  • Higher circuit utilization: FR makes use of physical circuit by statistically multiplexing multiple PVCs over a single physical circuit
  • Higher network availability: FR network employs switches that support automatic routing of PVC around circuit failure
  • Extended Technology Life Duration: FR is backwards compatible with older technologies like X.25 and forward compatible with newer technologies like ATM and MPLs
  • Protocol Independence: Supports wide variety of application transports and meets the throughput requirements.
  • Performance: FR services offers higher speed with lower delay as compared to X.25


  • 44.736 Mbps data rate is not enough for protocols with higher data rates
  • Allows variable length frames
  • Create varying delays for different users
  • Not suitable for sending delay sensitive data such as real; time voice or video or teleconferencing.
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