Explain the steps for completing access layer design in detail.

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > Advanced Networking Technologies

Marks: 5M, 10M

Year: Dec 12, May 12, Dec 13, May 15, Dec 15

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The steps for completing access network design include verifying application intelligence, confirming design and choice of access devices, choosing the number and type of access devices and verifying total access topology.

  1. Application and Protocol Intelligence Verification.

    • When the access network was performed it was assumed that there was some level of intelligence in the user devices and applications.
    • The greater this level of intelligence, the less network intelligence that is required from the access and backbone network and more the access and backbone network can concentrate on passing data
    • Confirm where that intelligence lies before the application get to the access network
  2. Access Design Level

    • The next level of verification is of access device.
    • The access device should be the feeder portion of the network design, where user applications, devices and protocols of a defined geographic area are fed into a single or multiple devices.
    • The access device will then communicate with other access devices or directly with the backbone
    • The typical access node will aggregate transmit data from different interfaces to the backbone via a single protocol
    • Access device should reduce number of access ports, protocols and data formats fed to the backbone
    • ATM is one technology that can offer integrated access of all forms of communication, data, voice and video.
  3. Number and Type of Access Node

    • The number of access node is determined by traffic matrix, optimized grouping of matrix, optimized grouping of traffic and placement options for access nodes.
    • The network design should always allow for a multiple node failure as well as alternate routes for a minimum of a single failure
    • No single site failure should take entire network down
    • Most router and switch vendors make almost all common protocols available for their devices either at no cost or very low cost.
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