Compare Ubiquitous and Hierarchical access in Access Network Design
1 Answer
Sr no. Ubiquitous access Hierarchical access
1. The ubiquitous approach allows all users to transmit and receive data for all areas of network across a shared device or medium. Hierarchical access provides a user access hierarchy in which traffic defined for its own local metropolitan and wide area remains in that geographical region.
2. Performance is low Performance is high due to enhanced segment
3. No protection from broadcast storm Protection from broadcast storm
4. They are spread out and non-structured in nature. It provides 1-D flat network and is used with smaller network. They are used for structured and layered networks
5. Isolation and diagnosis of problems are difficult and slow Isolation and diagnosis of problems are easier and fast
6. Traffic is less More Traffic
7. No cost of network equipment Additional cost of the network equipment and services to localize the network
8. Security administration is not easy to regulate and traffic flow between segment is not secured. Security administration is easy to regulate and secured traffic flow between segment
9. All services can talk to all other servers so all resources can be shared across entire LAN. More servers are needed to ensure local access of server based information and segmentation of that access
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