Trans conductance Mechanism in Pressure Sensors

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > MEMS Technology

Marks: 3M

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By Using Resonant Vibration:

  • Shift of resonant frequency by change of stresses in lower plate electrode due to applied pressure give the change in frequency.
  • The common type of micro pressure sensor are designed using piezo resistor is small in size gives better temperature sensitivity and there is linear relation between input and output.

enter image description here

$C = ε_r- ε_0- \frac{A}{d}$

$ε_r = \text{relative permittivity = 1.0 with air}$ $ε_0 = \text{permittivity of vacuum}$

  • Drawbacks:-

    • The major problem is in protecting the diaphragm from contacting pressurized media and other problem is system packaging .
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